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Bedrock Press Gourmet Recipes

First, You Make a Roux...
Content/Graphics ©2003-2005 Janice Faulk Duplantis

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Why eCookbooks Are Great to Own

  • eCookbooks are convenient - They are stored on your computer and you can simply browse through recipes, find one you like, click on it and print. You'll be working with only one sheet of paper in the kitchen.
  • eCookbook recipes are quick and easy to find - Recipes may be located by using keywords. No need to flip through page after page of a cookbook to find a recipe.
  • eCookbooks save space - Where, except in a computer, would you be able to store thousands of recipes?
  • eCookbooks come in book format - You can print it and put it in a binder, save it to your computer or burn it onto a CD.



Bedrock Press Gourmet Recipes

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