Water Damage Clean Up

Tampa-water-restorationWhen most people think of water damage in a home or business, scenes of area wide flooding showing continuously on 24 hour news channels is likely to come to mind.

But actually, a small percentage of water damage losses are related to storms or flooding.

It holds true that these losses get even more promotion due to the fact that they happen in lots and tend to be more severe, but it is far more likely that if you suffer a water damage loss it will certainly be from a plumbing problem. That’s fortunately, since there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent storms, and little you can do to avoid storm damage, however there are things you can do to prevent water damage from plumbing problems.

Water Damage from Plumbing

The most serious occurrences generally occur in a home or company when there is a water line break and no person is there. This is an usual event at businesses, where a damaged supply of water line can spew out water all night or all weekend before it is found. The offenders consist of: blown fittings on water heaters found above the office areas; automatic coffee devices that malfunction and continue filling and overruning the pot all night; busted lines to a sink, toilet, or ice maker; malfunctioning fire lawn sprinkler; and even water main breaks in the ceiling.

In homes, similar issues with supply lines are common, however other typical incidents in are: the hot or cold water hose to the washing machine rupturing; dishwashers and cleaning machines continuing to fill and overflow when the float round breakdowns; toilets that are flushed, clog and continue to run; and tubs that are being filled and are forgotten.

Preventive Measures

water-damageAs you can see from all of these examples, the simplest thing you can do to limit or avoid water damage in your house or business is to switch off the main water line when you will be away for an extended time. A few of worst days for water damage losses are right after major vacations or popular getaway times when people are returning home. That’s when they find that water has been leaking for who understands how long, and when the damage is severe and the tidy up and repair services comprehensive. How long you are willing to be gone without switching off the water to your home or business depends upon how big of a danger you are willing to take.

However even easier and smaller sized steps than shutting off the water pipe to your house can be taken to avoid common water damage circumstances. For example don’t leave your home with the dishwasher or washing device running, or with a toilet that hasn’t stopped running. Likewise, if you are going to be gone for even more than a day, at least turn off the cold and hot water to your washing machine. That in itself will eliminate an usual cause of water damage.

And one last thing, if the water service to your house is ever disturbed, make certain to turn off every faucet and shower that was on when the water went off. Extreme water damage can happen when faucets and showers are accidentally left on and the water service is restored while the property owner is gone. So you can see that lots of water damage losses, and the grief that goes with them, are really avoidable if you are willing to take a few simple preventative measures.

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